Table Mountain


Table mountain is actually a flat-topped mountain making a notable landmark looking over the town of Cape Town around South Africa, and it is highlighted in the Flag of Cape Town as well as other city insignia. This is a major tourist destination, with a lot of tourists utilizing the cableway or trekking to the peak. The mountain constitutes a portion of the Table Mountain National Park.

The primary attribute of Table Mountain is the level plateau roughly three kilometres (2 mi) sideways, surrounded by remarkable cliffs. The plateau, in the middle of Devil’s Peak from the east and also Lion’s Head into the west, creates a spectacular background to Cape Town. This vast sweep of tremendous mountain heights, along with Signal Hill, develops a natural amphitheatre of the City and Table Bay harbor. The tallest level on Table Mountain is in the eastern side of the plateau and it is notable by Maclear’s Beacon, a rock cairn constructed in 1865 by Sir Thomas Maclear for the purpose of trigonometrical survey. It's 1,086 meters above the sea level, around 19 meters taller compared to the cable station around the western side of the plateau.



The cliffs of the top plateau are divided by Flat Stone Gorge, that gives a straightforward and easy climb towards the peak and was the path used by António de Saldanha for the very first documented climb of the mountain on 1503.

The level top part of the mountain is usually coated by orographic clouds, produced each time a south-easterly wind is going up into the mountain’s slopes directly into cooler air, in which the moisture condenses to create the so-called “table cloth” of cloud. Legend features this particular occurrence into a smoking competition amongst the Devil and the local pirate named Van Hunks. Once the table cloth is visible, it signifies the competition.


Table Mountain is in the northern side of the sandstone mountain range which shapes the spine of the Cape Peninsula. Towards the south of the plateau is the lower section of the range known as the Back Table. Towards the Atlantic coast of the peninsula, the range is called the 12 Apostles. The range goes on southwards into the Cape Point.


table-mountain-national-park_-original-687Table Mountain is a recreation space for nature lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts as well. This flat-topped monolith asks exploration. Hiking trails run the length and width of the mountain, providing extraordinary trekking for any levels of health and experience. No matter whether you’re searching for grand adventure or isolation, nature or sights, a trek way up Table Mountain isn't to be missed when you are in South Africa.