The New 7 Wonders Of World

The New 7 Wonders Of World

Most people have heard of the ancient wonders of the world, these seven locations that were amazing structures or destinations that were made millennia ago. There are actually seven wonders of the world that are considered the new wonders, faces that you should definitely see. There has been a lot of thought that has gone into choosing which ones actually fit the category of the new seven wonders of the world. Let's take a look at what these are, where they are located, and what you will see when you get there.

What Were The Original Seven Wonders Of The World?


The original 7 wonders included the largest pyramid in Giza, the mythical Hanging Gardens in what is considered to be ancient Babylon, the Statue of the greatest of all Greek gods Zeus, the Artemis Temple, the Halicarnassus mausoleum, the Colossus that is located in Rhodes, and finally the great Alexandria Lighthouse. Only one of those remains standing today and has actually been grandfathered into the modern wonders of the world. The Great Pyramid of Giza is now regarded as part of the modern seven wonders, and here are the six others that are in this distinctive category.

The Seven Modern Wonders Of The World


In addition to the Great Pyramid of Giza, there are several other modern wonders that are actually quite exceptional. There is The Colosseum in Rome, Petra in Jordan, the Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza in the Yucatán Peninsula area, the Taj Mahal, and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

Why Are These Considered Wonders Of The World?

Part of the reason for considering these locations to be so wondrous is that it is usually a feat of unimaginable engineering. When you think about the size of the Taj Mahal, or how the ancient people of the Cuzco region were able to construct Machu Picchu which is at 8000 feet above sea level at the top of a plateau, it's hard to imagine how they were able to construct this without modern tools or even the wheel.

Which One Is Considered To Be The Best?

Although this is an area of ongoing debate, it just depends on how you look at this information. For example, the Great Pyramid at Giza has theoretically constructed 4000 years ago, using stones that weighed in excess of 300 tons. They did not have access to cranes, hydraulics, and many of the stones were brought from as far as 400 miles away. Another person may look at the Great Wall of China which extends 5000 miles, longer than the width of the United States. The Colosseum in Rome is a tribute to those that understood weights and balances and could incorporate mathematics into the structure such as Pi and Phi. Chichen Itza is the location of one of a unique pyramid in the world, El Castillo, a pyramid that is aligned with the spring and fall equinoxes. During this time, serpents can be seen through the shadows on the pyramid through time-lapse photography. The one that you believe to be the greatest must always look at its appearance, the complexity of what was created at the time that it was built, and of course how incredible these seven wonders of the world actually look when you finally get to see them. Petra in Jordan was carved out of the rock using nothing but primitive tools. The two remaining structures, the Taj Mahal and Christ the Redeemer are more modern, but still incredible representations of the ingenuity and determination that mankind can have when trying to create something that is unimaginably spectacular.

There are many tours that are given by people going to these destinations. Tours of the best way to experience these places. They can give you background information on their construction, and take you to places that may not be available to the general public, making them even more wondrous and mysterious. If you have never been to any of these, you should certainly consider traveling there at some point in time. It will make you realize just how innovative incredible human beings actually are. For those that are trying to figure out where they should go on vacation, choosing any of these modern seven wonders of the world will make your trip memorable for years to come.

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