What Makes Okavango Delta Unesco World Heritage Unique

What Makes Okavango Delta Unesco World Heritage Unique

Being able to see one of the major location that is considered a World Heritage site can be a good thing. However, sometimes you will want to know what is gong to make the location so unique to draw you into the travel. This is when you should know more about what makes the Okavango Delta Unesco World Heritage such a unique location that you would want to travel to. By knowing about this, it will be easy for you to have a great trip to the region and know you will have a good time because of the features you are going to.


The one thing that is going to make this location unique is that it is often considered an inland delta. These are usually only seen around the rivers where they meet the sea, but this is a unique location in Botswana that makes it easier for people to have the chance to see something that is unique and going to be great for them to go out and see and have a good time at.

Protection is something else that people are going to enjoy in Okavango Delta. People may have never thought about this before, but with this location it is going to make it easier for people to enjoy because forty percent of this location is located in a game reserve. Since it is located in the game reserve it will make it quite a bit easier for people to get the trip of a lifetime and know they will have a good time because the location is going to be protected and they can see all of the animals they want to see without having to worry about seeing the animals get hurt by people.

One of the most amazing places to experience the Okavango Delta from is the Selinda Game Reserve and specifically Selinda Explorers Camp. It is the epitome of pioneering 19 century exploration under a luxury canvas setting.


The number and variety of the animals is going to be another factor that people are going to like to see as well. Usually people would not think about this aspect either, but each of these locations is going to have a different number of animals that are unique to the region. All of these animals are going to make it possible for people to see the animals in their natural habitat and know they are not being kept captive in a zoo or other location that is going to cause them to look like they are depressed.

A lot of these regions are not going to flood each year. However, what people need to realize is when they are looking at these locations they will find they are going to have a unique feature and with this outside of the animals and the inland delta is the fact that it is a region that floods annually. So this means people will have to plan their trip to the region around the flooding, but it also means that it is going to be a unique feature that will help to provide protection to the animals and other items that are going to the beautiful Okavango Delta.


Being able to travel to a place that is on the World Heritage list can be a good thing. However, sometimes people will find that it is nearly impossible to know what makes a site unique from the other sites that are already available for them to go and see. This is when people should know more about the Okavango Delta Unesco World Heritage and what makes this such a unique location. By knowing this information it will be easy for people to have a great trip and know it is going to be a trip they will remember for years to come.

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